Parallax is an ongoing collaborative zine that is dedicated to getting multiple interpretations of the theme. And since good work deserves to be rewarded, all collaborators are paid and given a complimentary copy of the zine. 

Submissions are welcome from any type of media, as long as it can be printed. Keep in mind that the zine is printed at half-letter and black and white. 

Inquires and submissions can be sent to this email address, just put ‘parallax’ in the subject line:

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Does it have to be literal? Just go wherever the prompt takes you!

Can I submit multiple entries? Yes.

Is there a length limit? Try to keep it under 5 pages, but it can be longer.


Volume II: Maps 

Featuring 21 creators, available to purchase online in Spring 2016. 



Volume I: Eolian 

Featuring 20 creators, available to purchase.